Kiln Work

Kiln Work

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It is almost here!!

Well, Thursday seems like forever away now. That is the day I get to go pick up my New Kiln. I can hardly wait. I will be able to make my own stuff in my own big kiln. I already have a few orders waiting for my kiln. It is a Paragon Kiln that I ordered from Bob at if you need any glass supplies, kiln, advice on glass. Go talk to Bob. He is my go to guy in Houston. I'd live up there if my husband would let me . Glass all day every day. Life is good.
I will have a 19 by 19 inch shelf to work my magic on. My head is spinning with ideas now. I'll never get to sleep.
I've been working on projects for the SWARM and some stuff for the Hotties lately. Have made a few beads. Guess I should take some pictures.
I just wanted to check in and let you know what was going on.

Hope you are having a great week.
Happy creating

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All about frineds

Well, I have been busy blasting tiles and trying to catch up from the Gathering.

I had lunch today with one of my best friends. She is my crash buddy. We were in a car wreck almost 6 years ago (the end of this month actually) We barely knew each other then, but over the last 6 years we have become alot closer. She is an inspiration to me with all my work. She thinks I can do anything so, I hate to disappoint her, so I try.

I am the current President of The Houston Society of Glass Beadmakers (the Hotties) here in Houston. I talked with her today about running for another term. She is so sweet, she says I'm doing a great job (trust me, she'd tell ya if ya weren't.) So with my husbands approval tomorrow I will most likely run for a second term in office. It is alot of work, but very rewarding as far as the friendships, knowledge and inspiration. Ever in Houston, stop by one of our meetings.

So, my birthday is coming up in 19 days. I'll be 44 years old. Kinda feel cheated. I told everyone for months I was 44, oops I'm not I'm 43. Oh well, age is only a number. I like the number 44 this year.

I'm getting a new kiln. I am so excited!!!! Buying it at Hot Glass Houston her in Houston. If you haven't checked it out. Head on over, tell Bob that I sent ya.

Well, guess I better get to gettin and get some stuff done around here.

Have a fantastic day and an awesome week.

Craft on!


Friday, August 13, 2010

I didn't fall off the face of the earth...

I just entered another Galaxy.

To the Left: Me and Peggy Got my first ever trade bead from her. A little rabbit

This is Jackie and me. She is like the sweetest thing ever.

This is Martha and Mike Frantz with her winnings.

The Tall Girls Club. Martha, Me, Heather and Kristy. These ladies are awesome. Ever notice how tall women tend to flock together?

These are the Houston Hotties: Martha, me, Lisa and Michelle and Bonnie. Check out the blingage!!!

Seriously, I have been horrible about keeping up my blog. Fortunately or unfortunately I have been busy selling stuff, so I have been blasting and lamp working. I also just got back from my trip to Rochester, New York for the Gathering. It was fabulous. I got burned and fell and hurt my knee and toe. Was not a huge fan of my teacher, but the rest was AWESOME. The Houston Hotties took the place by storm. With our blinged out shirts and our flame bags. I got to rub elbows with some fantastic artist. Milon Townsend was probably the highlight of my whole trip. He is an amazing artist and a great guy. I went on a tour of his studio and got to watch him make the phenomenal paperweight with a frog on top. His wife cook some wonderful food. She is sooooooo sweet. They have a 3 month old puppy (and you know I can't resist puppies) I will never forget that day. Then that evening he came to open torch and demo'd his new torch "Mini Milon" Well, you know I had to buy one. Wowzers it was great. He made a lady curled up in a ball and attached it to a hand the Rob had made. It was so exciting.
I meet some fabulous people, Heather, Jackie, Kristy, Kim, Cynthia and Dan, Barry, Ross, Cody, Doug, Craig, Peggy, Wes, Cedi and so many more. Don't be hurt if I didn't list your name, I just am old and tired and couldn't remember everyone off the top of my head right now.
The bead exchange was scary at first but everyone loved my tiles and my beads. I traded for some fantastic pieces. I even traded for tiles to be mailed later (which go out Monday)
Martha and I shared a room and really had a good time. We laughed so much. She was one of the lucky big winners. She won the CIM glass from Frantz art Glass. She was so happy. I'd have loved to have won it, but was so glad if I didn't she did.
I really think this is something every lamp work artist should experience (without the burn, or fall) It is a whole new world and one you should be a part of.
I will do my best to post more. Thanks for looking!
Happy torching.