Kiln Work

Kiln Work

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All about frineds

Well, I have been busy blasting tiles and trying to catch up from the Gathering.

I had lunch today with one of my best friends. She is my crash buddy. We were in a car wreck almost 6 years ago (the end of this month actually) We barely knew each other then, but over the last 6 years we have become alot closer. She is an inspiration to me with all my work. She thinks I can do anything so, I hate to disappoint her, so I try.

I am the current President of The Houston Society of Glass Beadmakers (the Hotties) here in Houston. I talked with her today about running for another term. She is so sweet, she says I'm doing a great job (trust me, she'd tell ya if ya weren't.) So with my husbands approval tomorrow I will most likely run for a second term in office. It is alot of work, but very rewarding as far as the friendships, knowledge and inspiration. Ever in Houston, stop by one of our meetings.

So, my birthday is coming up in 19 days. I'll be 44 years old. Kinda feel cheated. I told everyone for months I was 44, oops I'm not I'm 43. Oh well, age is only a number. I like the number 44 this year.

I'm getting a new kiln. I am so excited!!!! Buying it at Hot Glass Houston her in Houston. If you haven't checked it out. Head on over, tell Bob that I sent ya.

Well, guess I better get to gettin and get some stuff done around here.

Have a fantastic day and an awesome week.

Craft on!


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