Kiln Work

Kiln Work

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glass? What is that?

My whole life seems to be about glass, yet I have been so distant from it lately.
Life is always crazy around me. I get involved in so much stuff I barely have time to breath sometimes. I am hosting a SWARM on Saturday. A SWARM is a bunch of ladies that get together and Crafts/scrapbook/talk/ laugh/ and learn. It is called a SWARM because it is usually filled with a bunch of Cricuts (dies cutting machines) that are chirping aways. Anyway, I host these 4 to 5 times a year and this just happens to be the weekend. At the time this was planned I wasn't buying a new house, moving and dealing with packing. I will survive. I actually love these SWARMS. I have meet some of my best friends through them.
I have been so busy that I haven't touch my torch or any form of glass in almost 2 months. I am dreading packing all my glass. Hundreds of pounds of glass rods, sheet glass and then all the tools, kilns and sandblasting equipment. Goodness, what was I thinking agreeing to move? I will not have as big of an area to have my studio at the moment. We will be building a studio in about a year that will be exactly what I want. Hopefully!!!
I have been getting a couple orders lately that I have to have done by the end of February. I am just waiting for their okay to proceed. However it is actually sandblasting granite so I still won't be playing with glass. I love sandblasting, however, I hate sandblasting memorial markers. I do because otherwise people can not afford them. Their are a few schools that call me and I will do them for their dedication ceremony. They typically plant a tree and have the marker in front of the tree. Very nice gesture, but sad.
Well, back to my crazy busy life. Have a great day.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Looks like we got a new house

Well, they have accepted our offer and now we wait for the closing assuming that nothing goes wrong with the appraisal or the inspections. We are hoping to close on Feb 29, 2012. Even though the house is beautiful inside we are going to paint it prior to moving in. To many white walls for me. Gotta have my color. I will post picture once it is a done deal. Don't want to jinx it. I am going to start packing up my studio supplies this week and see what I can get rid off. Yikes, it is just scary in there. So much glass. Guess that is a good thing though. I also have to go through my other crafting supplies. Now that is just crazy scary. I feel like a hoarder when I see everything I have. Can't wait to get everything clean and organized.
Disney World was awesome with my niece and nephew by the way. It is completely different with kids. I road Rocking Roller coaster 3 times and Tower of terror 3 times. Expedition Everest 2 times and a bunch of other stuff. Watched the Wishes fireworks from the beach at the Polynesian and then in the park another night. Whole trip was a blast.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy busy days as usual

I guess I could say my life is always crazy. Right now we are in the process of trying to buy a new house, take my niece and nephew to Disney World, and pack and organize all my glass shop supplies. Boy do I have a lot of glass to move. I will be working from our new home garage until we build a shop for all my glass working. Which as many of you know I currently work from my garage as it is so no big change except for the new house garage is a bit smaller.
I'm trying to find a couple shows to do this spring. I will continue to take orders and continue my business as usual. So this change won't really effect anything.
Once they okay the offer and stuff I'll post pictures of our new home. I am so excited.
I look forward to getting to design and build my own workshop and one that overlooks the lake would be awesome!!!