Kiln Work

Kiln Work

Friday, February 17, 2012

Glass? What is that?

My whole life seems to be about glass, yet I have been so distant from it lately.
Life is always crazy around me. I get involved in so much stuff I barely have time to breath sometimes. I am hosting a SWARM on Saturday. A SWARM is a bunch of ladies that get together and Crafts/scrapbook/talk/ laugh/ and learn. It is called a SWARM because it is usually filled with a bunch of Cricuts (dies cutting machines) that are chirping aways. Anyway, I host these 4 to 5 times a year and this just happens to be the weekend. At the time this was planned I wasn't buying a new house, moving and dealing with packing. I will survive. I actually love these SWARMS. I have meet some of my best friends through them.
I have been so busy that I haven't touch my torch or any form of glass in almost 2 months. I am dreading packing all my glass. Hundreds of pounds of glass rods, sheet glass and then all the tools, kilns and sandblasting equipment. Goodness, what was I thinking agreeing to move? I will not have as big of an area to have my studio at the moment. We will be building a studio in about a year that will be exactly what I want. Hopefully!!!
I have been getting a couple orders lately that I have to have done by the end of February. I am just waiting for their okay to proceed. However it is actually sandblasting granite so I still won't be playing with glass. I love sandblasting, however, I hate sandblasting memorial markers. I do because otherwise people can not afford them. Their are a few schools that call me and I will do them for their dedication ceremony. They typically plant a tree and have the marker in front of the tree. Very nice gesture, but sad.
Well, back to my crazy busy life. Have a great day.

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